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Truck Exhaust Fan High-Exhaust Fan Speed Direct Drive Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust Fan

  1. High speed direct drive centrifugal upblowing exhaust fan for restaurant grease and general ventilation applications.
  2. 3500 CFM/1 HP 110V/220V single phase motor.
  3. Mounted on roofs or walls, exhaust fan features a high-quality, lightweight, corrosion-resistant construction aluminum.
  4. UL705 and ULC-S645 rated.
  5. 30-day warranty. Technical support is available after purchase.


    Direct Drive Single Phase & Belt Drive Three Phase With AC motor
    (IP54,F Class) 220V/50-60Hz 230v/50-60Hz 380V/50-60Hz
    Model Power Speed Air Volume Static Pressure
    RCU-05 0.33HP 1720RPM 1338CFM 0
    RCU-08 0.5HP 1720RPM 2563CFM 0
    RCU-10 0.33HP 1050RPM 1625CFM 0.5
    0.33HP 1250RPM 2125CFM 0.5
    0.75HP 1400RPM 2375CFM 0.5
    1HP 1720RPM 2625CFM 0
    RCU-14 0.33HP 850RPM 1375CFM 0.75
    0.33HP 1000RPM 1625CFM 0.75
    0.75HP 1130RPM 3625CFM 0.25
    1HP 1400RPM 4625CFM 0
    1.5HP 1620RPM 4875CFM 0.75
    RCU-16 0.5HP 850RPM 3888CFM 0
    0.75HP 1000RPM 4428CFM 0.25
    1HP 1130RPM 4968CFM 0.25
    1.5HP 1250RPM 5508CFM 0
    2HP 1400RPM 6048CFM 0
    RCU-18 0.75HP 700RPM 4860CFM 0.25
    1HP 850RPM 5535CFM 0.25
    1.5HP 1000RPM 6210CFM 0.75
    2HP 1250RPM / /
    3HP 1420RPM / /
    RCU-20 1HP 800RPM 6578CFM 0
    1.5HP 950RPM 7436CFM 0.25
    2HP 1100RPM 8823CFM 0.5
    3HP 1260RPM / /
    RCU-24 1.5HP 760RPM 8580CFM 0
    2HP 860RPM 8580CFM 0.5
    3HP 960RPM 9880CFM 0.5
    RCU-28 3HP 750RPM 10853CFM 0
    4HP 850RPM 12209CFM 0.25
    5HP 950RPM 14924CFM 0
    RCU-28 4HP 650RPM 15759CFM 0
    5.5HP 750RPM 17475CFM 0
    7.5HP 850RPM 19200CFM 0